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WAMI announces nominees for 40th annual show

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

MILWAUKEE, WI – The Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) has announced the nominees for its 40th annual Awards Show. This year’s show will take place Sunday, April 19, 2020 at the Turner Hall Ballroom. Doors open at 6 p.m, with the WAMI Awards Show beginning at 7 p.m.

WAMI will host a party celebrating the nominees on Sunday, April 5 at 7 p.m. at The Saloon on Calhoun, 17000 W. Capitol Drive in Brookfield. The event is free and open to the public.

The award nominees within their respective categories are as follows:

Artist of the Year:

Zach Pietrini

Unity The Band

Rose of The West

Them Coulee Boys

The Jimmys

Trapper Schoepp


Chicken Wire Empire

Album of the Year:

Black Belt Theatre - “Power Petting”

Stulo - Thiel - “Ghosts Around Here”

Chicken Wire Empire - “What Moves Mountains”

Goran - “Under A Nashville Sky”

Testa Rosa - “Testa Rosa IV”

Klassik - “Quiet”

Wisconsin Vinyl Collective - “Volume Three”

Kurt Gunn - “Northern Town”

Song of the Year:

The Keystones - “2010”

Bascom Hill - “Our Love Burning”

Nickel & Rose - “Another Man’”

Betsy Ade & the Well-Known Strangers - “Light Up My Summer”

Zach Pietrini - “Like the Pain”

Zed Kenzo - “Not Froze Yet”

Krestfall - “Where Do I Belong?”

Rose of The West - “Loves Lies Bleeding”

New Artist of the Year:


Boy Bjorn

The Last Bees

Ben Harold and The Rising

The Midnight Purchase

Laura Jean Bomber


The MilBillies

Male Vocalist of the Year:

Rich Hoffman

Ben Mulwana

Stephen Cooper

Bobby Rouse

Mike Wendland

Dave Adler

Andrew Balistreri

Vincent Black

Female Vocalist of the Year:

Katie Mack


Genevieve Heyward

Michele McCarthy

Jackie Brown

Jennifer Schafer

Betsy Ade

Sammy Ray Marshall

Singer/Songwriter of the Year:

Phil Norby

Kurt Gunn

Chris Haise



Mark Croft

Barbara Stephan

Kyle Megna

Rising Star of the Year:

The Waxlips

Twisted Chords

Parker Collar

Lilie Fouts

Cherry Punch

Amelia Hopfensperger

Mackenzie Moore


Alternative Rock/Rock Artist:


The Keystones


Flat Teeth



Jamie Fontaine & The Level

Marielle Allschwang & The Visitations

Bluegrass/Americana Artist:

Dig Deep

The Honeygoats

Trapper Schoepp

Chicken Wire Empire

The Whiskeybelles

Them Coulee Boys

Feed The Dog

The Mascot Theory

Christian/Gospel Artist:

The Band Eden

Brendan Brooks

Danen Kane

Samuel Elias

Branches Band


Night Divine


Blues Artist:

Dirty Deuce

Altered Five Blues Band

Reverend Raven and The Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys

The Jay Stulo Band

Blind Fiction


Cash Box Kings

Jimmy Crimmins

Country Artist:

Tangled Lines

Grand Union

Bella Cain

Madison County

Buffalo Gospel

Gregg Hall & The Wrecking Ball

Jay Matthes

Rebel Grace

Cover Artist:

Face For Radio

Johnny Wad

Almighty Vinyl

The LoveMonkeys

Five Card Studs

The Presidents

The Cougars

Radio Radio

Folk/Celtic Artist:

The Roving Scallywags

Derek Byrne & Paddygrass

Blackthorn Folly

Nickel & Rose

Killarney Blarney


Jesse Voelker


Hard Rock Artist:

The Homeland Conspiracy

Black Belt Theatre

Sir Real

Leading The Blind



Last Crack


Metal Artist:

Imperial Fall


These Fading Visions

Under Aegis


Morta Skuld


Lords of The Trident

Punk Artist:

Platinum Boys

Size 5’s

Indonesian Junk

The First Rule

Fox Face

Bad Year



Jazz Artist:

Mark Thierfelder & Janet O’Mahony

Mr. Chair

Match Stick

Erin Krebs

The Meade Street Collective

Harmon Brothers

Jamie Breiwick

Randi Fay

Polka Artist:

SugarBush Boys

The November Criminals

Ralph Thull The Goodtime Dutchmen

The Squeezettes

Val Sigal

Alpine Blast

Steve Meisner

Stas Venglevski

Pop Rock Artist:

Rose of The West

Testa Rossa


Fuzzy Surf

Laurel Sulfate & Her Ladies of Leisure

Rocket Cat

Xposed 4Heads


Hip Hop/Rap Artist:

Genesis Renji

Kaylee Crossfire


Zed Kenzo


Von Alexander

Shle Berry


R&B/Soul Artist:

The Style

Bryon Cherry

Lex Allen

Barbara Stephan Band

Charles Walker Band

Ms. Lotus Fankh

Cigarette Break

The Pocket Kings


Brewtown Beat

Unity The Band


King Solomon

Something To Do


The Carlos Adames Group

In Black ‘n White

Club/DJ/Dance/Electronic Artist:

Immortal Girlfriend


MC Whitehorse

DJ Shawna

Crystal Knives

DJ Bizzon

DJ King James

DJ Milo

Horn/Big Band Artist:

Stephen Cooper and The Nobody Famous

Extra Crispy Brass Band

Hot & Dirty Brass Band

Cold Sweat & The Brew City Horns

FBI & The Untouchable Horns

Big Band Reunion

Mama Digdown’s Brass Band

The Jimmys

Tribute Artist:

The Prince Experience

The Salford Lads Club

The Docksiders

Aces High - A Tribute to Iron Maiden

The Glam Band

Steely Dane


The Rush Tribute Project


Nick Smith

Dave Maurer

John Wartenweiler

Cedric LeMoyne

Matt Hammen

Craig Neuser

Ben Titus

Andy Mertens


Candy Dax

Dan Cable

Devin Drobka

Patrick Wydeven

Kim Zick

Steve Vorass

Mike Malone

Mike O’Hara


Angie Swan

Sean Williamson

Pat Stillman

Raine Stern

Tom Raspanti

Dean Arndt

Matthew Schroeder

Rodney Zimmerman


Dan Palmisano

Samuel P. McClain Jr.

Joe Hite

Kristopher Crow

Shawndell Marks

Jamie Fletcher

Josh Becker

Mitch Cooper


Matt Ostlund

Pete Ross

Katie Del Giacco

Michelle Jerabek

Matt Antoniewicz

Kevin Van Ess

Nick Zoulek

Peter Neumer


Cameron Fair

Tim Mcilree

Holly Rognstad

Marisa Rose Sheppard

Ernest Brusubardis IV

Chauntee Ross

Tony Sturino

Corinn Bonkalski

Best Studio Engineer/Producer:

Shane Hochstetler

Kevin Arndt

Eric LaBrosse

Ian Olvera

Marc Golde

Gary Tanin

Aaron Zinsmeister

Tom Washatka

Best Recording Studio:

Howl Street Recordings

Steel Moon Recording Studio

Kneeverland Productions

The Exchange Recording Complex

Cherry Pit Studios

National Recording

Subsidized Housing Records

Tanner-Monagle, Inc.

Best Live Club/Venue:

Short Branch Saloon

The Saloon on Calhoun

Lyric Room

Cactus Club

High Noon Saloon

Deja Vu Martini Lounge

Paulie’s Pub & Eatery

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.

Best Live Engineer Sound/Lights:

Craig Vetrone

David Dec

Steve Wiegert

Trevor Powers

Justin Abuya

Steve Funke

Tim McClutchy

Michael Grassman

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