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Spectrum News 1 covers WAMI/G4V partnership

Great news tends to spread quickly.

Spectrum News 1 recently reached out to WAMI and Guitars for Vets and published a feature article about our new partnership. Guitars for Vets provides instruments and lessons to veterans suffering PTSD and other injuries as means of healing. WAMI believes its vast network of musicians will open new avenues of support.

Patrick Nettesheim, Guitars 4 Vets co-founder, explained the power of music in providing relief.

“So what we’re doing in effect is, the therapeutic quality of music is available to these folks at no charge,’’ Nettesheim told Spectrum. “We’re not music therapists, so I try to stay away from that piece, because there’s psychology involved and it’s a degreed position. But again, music in and of itself is therapeutic, in addition to the teamwork and camaraderie with guitar lessons and then subsequent group lessons.’’

WAMI is thrilled for the opportunity to give back in such an important way. To read the full article from Spectrum News 1, click here.

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