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Have you met our new president?

Jason Klagstad is a digital strategist with 30+ years of professional experience in the music industry.

He's won 4 WAMI Awards and has recording credits on over 100 albums, films and commercials. Jason has played and toured over the world and brings a wealth of networking and organizational experience to the organization.

You can find his introductory post in the all new WAMI Forum on facebook:

Hello - my name is Jason Klagstad, and I'm glad to welcome you aboard our WAMI Members Forum.

What’s the WAMI Members Forum do?

It connects musicians throughout the state of Wisconsin, giving us all a sizable platform where we can post, share, discuss and amplify gigs, music, videos, information and whatever you dream.

In joining us, you’re helping us launch a group of what we hope to soon be thousands strong of music industry individuals, spanning our state.

Want to tell us about your latest video? Post it.

Got an upcoming gig? Share it.

New album about to drop? Tell us about it.

The more, you’re involved, the happier we are to be a part.

Jump in. Have fun. Get down to work.


Click here to sign up for the newsletter:

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